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Various ways of self-locking of spur gear slewing drive

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Spur gear slewing drive is also a kind of transmission gear type rotary actuation, the basic principle of transmission is driven by gear, worm gear ring of slewing bearing equipment of rotational speed down, from the basic principle of rotating driving speed down we can find itself is not has self-locking function, want to finish must stop must choose brake equipment to carry out the lock.
The method of spur gear slewing drive self-locking is as follows:
1. Ac servo motor self-locking
When spur gear rotation drive under the condition of application of ac servo motor driver, a driving force in small inertia force is often run, small work load cases, generally with the help of ac servo motor must stop to finish spur gear drive lock, lock force of ac servo motor and according to the spur gear slewing drive transmission ratio for bigger, reflected in the table, after complete drive lock. At this time the locking force is very large, very suitable for the working condition of small inertia force.
2. Oil motor self-locking
The spur gear slewing drive with hydraulic pump can brake according to the oil motor in the whole application process, and then complete the lock of spur gear slewing drive.
3. Brake reducer self-locking
Application of brake spur gear reducer drive brake motor disc brake assembly on Ma Dafei output end bearing end cover, when the brake motor connection switch power supply, attracted to electromagnetic valve according to the current coil, after getting rid of brake disc brake flow coil motor start operation after losing electricity flow often brake motor, solenoid valve can not attracted flow coil, current coil to fall back into the brake disc, When the motor stops rotating, the actual effect of the straight tooth drive self-lock is completed according to the characteristics of the brake motor when it shuts down the power supply.
4. Plug brake
What is the form of spur gear slewing drive self-locking? Also can use the install plug holes in the gear drive, the need to be fixed position lock the straight tooth drive of the application, at the beginning of the set is on the left ring set plug hole, on the sound card frame design or hydraulic press plug equipment operation, in the process of driver operation operation, organization pull pin plug can make drive all normal rotation movement, To have to terminate and fixed fixed place pin back plug hole, the drive will be thrown ring pin fixed fixed in the sound card frame can not be rotated, so to complete the self-lock.
5. Brake transmission gear self-locking
Independent brake transmission gears are installed on the rotary drive. This method is suitable for the situation where the brake must be repeatedly carried out and the spur drive has a large driving force and must have a very large braking force. Large braking force will lead to transmission gear, speed reduction equipment, motor between the connection is invalid, reduce the service life of spur gear slewing drive,therefore, can use the spur gear slewing drive containing a separate brake transmission gear to complete independent braking, to prevent the transmission of a large sudden brake caused by the connection is invalid, parts damaged.