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We according to the customer’s installation and use requirements. The driving model diagram is established by 3D model software. The model is then sent to the user for review and assembly. This will avoid installation trouble of slewing drive in required space.
Manufacturing process

Only advanced manufacturing technology can make a good design. We should achieve good mechanical properties, good rotation accuracy, good transmission efficiency and good protection ability. In the narrow interior space. All parts should be well matched. We have developed a set of advanced manufacturing and transfer technology to ensure the quality of products.
Good materials

Different materials for different products. Choosing the right high quality steel can improve the mechanical properties and reliability of slewing drive. The materials of VK slew drive products are high purity vacuum melting steel. such as 42CrMo4, 100Cr6 and various carburized gear steels. We select materials according to international standards
Advanced heat treatment

Steel must go through a variety of heat treatment processes to obtain stronger performance. We need to improve the hardness of inner raceway and tooth surface of turntable bearing to enhance the wear resistance of contact surface. The steel in other areas should still have good tensile properties.
Precision manufacturing

High precision rotary drive can provide equipment performance. VK uses high precision CNC machine tools to manufacture rotary drive. Including lathe, quenching turntable, gear making machine, drilling machine, machining center and grinder, etc. The rotation accuracy can reach um level.
Commissioning and assembly

This is the key link of customized production. Different users have different needs. Some equipment need slewing drive with 0 slewing clearance. Some customers need clearance. The fit clearance between the pinion and the turntable bearing needs to be strictly controlled and assembled by engineers. And the sealing ability should also be tested.