Welcome to A Technology Company that specializes in spur and worm gear slewing systems in china.
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We not only produce and sell products, but also provide unique slewing solutions for you. The engineers of VK Transmission have rich design experience, can provide professional, personalized and diversified designs to help you make creative products in the industry !

The following is a special slew drive 3D model designed by VK. Maybe you can find a suitable slew drive. You can also get in touch with our engineers to customize your own slew drives.

Internal gear reverse flange ( with bore )

Internal gear reverse flange ( Blind bore )



High output torque

slewing drive with encoder



Four pinions with high precision

Opposite direction double pinions



Double level slew drive- increase center distance

Double level slew drive- much longer center distance



Internal gear same direction flange ( with bore )

Internal gear same direction flange  ( Blind bore )

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