Welcome to A Technology Company that specializes in spur and worm gear slewing systems in china.
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Luoyang VK Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, production and sales of rotary drives and bearings and gears in various fields. Our main products are: Spur gear slewing drive, worm gear slewing drive, slewing bearings, etc.

Especially mentioned is the spur gear slewing drive, which is composed of slewing bearings, gears, housings, adapter flanges, support bearings, seals and other components. It has free rotation, strong load-bearing capacity, high speed, corrosion resistance, sturdiness and durability, easy maintenance, long life, easy installation and other features.


Our slewing drive has the advantages of strong shock resistance, long life, stable rotation, bearing protection and better sealing. VK transmission equipment starts from the heart, and everything is based on the actual application of the customer. In the long-term cooperation with customers, we have accumulated a wealth of application experience, allowing us to provide more effective suggestions and opinions when providing customers with customized solutions.


Look forward to working with you!