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The Loads Borne by Slewing Bearings

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Slewing bearing is a kind of large bearing with special structure, which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment at the same time, and integrates supporting, rotating, driving and fixing functions. The slewing bearing device can withstand many loads, whether in operation or not, it can withstand working loads, dead weight loads, slope loads, impact loads, temperature loads, etc.

The following is the analysis of the load of various slewing bearing devices.
1. The working load: refers to the slewing bearing device in the work to bear the weight of the machine itself, and improve the weight of the sum of the weight, slowly speaking the sum of the weight transferred to the slewing bearing device.
2. Temperature load: mechanical equipment in the work, will produce a certain temperature, and all these temperatures are to be absorbed by the slewing bearing device, let the slewing bearing bear all the temperature.
3. Wind load: mechanical work in the open air, we must take into account the role of wind load, including wind direction, rain, thunderstorm weather and so on.
The above is only the slewing bearing device to bear part of the load, in fact, the slewing bearing device has to bear more load, in order to meet all the weight and load of the machinery in the work. In general, the turntable bearing itself has mounting holes, lubricating oil and sealing devices, which can meet the different needs of all kinds of hosts working under different working conditions.