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What are the main advantages of rotary reducer?

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  The rotary reducer plays a very important role in the rotary bearing device. It can control the speed of the rotary bearing and adjust the speed of the rotary bearing according to the reducer in an emergency. 
The main advantages of slewing bearing reducer.
First, the high integration of slewing bearing reducer
  Rotary reducer highly integrated, large and small rotary bearing reducer can drive parts and load gap tens of times, but their size, especially the transmission chain axial size difference is not big, this advantage is conducive to the series transmission connected parts of the structure of the flat, so that the whole mechanical equipment reduced.
Two, the modularization of slewing bearing reducer
  Because of the high integration of slewing bearing reducer, the user does not have to purchase and process each part of the rotating device, which to a certain extent also reduces the preparation process at the beginning of product production, thus greatly improving labor productivity.  
Three, the safety of slewing bearing reducer
 Worm wheel and worm drive has the characteristic of reverse self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only drive the worm wheel, but not drive the worm motion. This feature makes the slewing bearing reducer can be widely used in lifting, aerial work and other equipment, while improving the scientific and technological content of the host, but also improve the host operation stability and safety factor. Compared with traditional rotary products, slewing bearing reducer is easy to install, easy to maintain, and saves installation space to a greater extent
Four, slewing bearing reducer simplified host design
 Compared with the traditional gear drive, worm gear drive can get relatively large reduction ratio, in some cases, can save the reducer parts for the host, thus reducing the purchase cost for customers, but also greatly reduce the failure rate of the host.