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Characteristics and Application of Double Worm Slewing Drive

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Double Worm Slewing drive is a new slewing drive products, by the outer shell, worm ring, worm, motor and other components. Compared with the single worm rotary drive, the double worm rotary drive still has the characteristics of modular, safety and simplified host design, and the single worm is different, under the premise of the same shape size, the double worm slewing drive structure is more compact, better load capacity, output torque is far more than the single worm rotary drive.
In the design of the double worm slewing drive, abandoned the core components in an outer shell and contained within the worm gear in theory form crossed roller slewing bearing, double row space inside the shell by two root worm and worm gear meshing in order to realize the rotation, to ensure in achieving higher bearing capacity at the same time, also can produce large output torque.
Application of double worm slewing drive:
1. Heavy flatbed transport
2. Heavy lifting and aerial work
3. Heavy gantry lifting equipment
4. Rotary table and stirring machinery field
5. Port mobile crane