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SE14 Slewing Drive

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The SE14 slewing drive is a kind of SE series worm gear slewing drive of VK Transmission. It is composed of a slewing support, a base and a worm, making it a kind of integrated rotating, decelerating and driving functions. At the same time, the structure is simple, and the manufacture and maintenance are convenient. General-purpose deceleration transmission mechanism is widely used in construction machinery and solar tracking systems.


The closed design can resist harsh environments such as wind and rain, protect the rotating mechanism and increase the service life.
It can solve the problem of relative rotation of two objects, while achieving a relatively large reduction ratio.
It has the characteristics of reverse self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm wheel can only be driven by the worm, but the worm cannot be driven by the worm wheel. This feature allows the rotary drive to be widely used in lifting, high-altitude operations and other equipment. While improving the scientific and technological content of the host, it also greatly improves the operating stability and safety factor of the host.
Due to the compact structure and short transmission chain, the rotary drive is easier to achieve higher accuracy and easier to carry out digital control.
Easy to install, easy to maintain, and save installation space to a greater extent.


Slewing drive can be used in any situation that requires full-circle rotation and variable speed requirements. When it is necessary to achieve greater torque power transmission, higher precision motion transmission, or the selection of a mechanism with a compact body structure and a higher requirement for integration, the slewing drive is the best solution.
The more common applications are generally the full-circle slewing structure of engineering and construction machinery, as well as solar energy, wind energy and various long-term automatic tracking machinery, and they are also widely used in the field of industrial robots.