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Product Features of VK Transmission Solar Tracking System

Date:2021/08/10 News Click:64

Since the 21st century, global climate and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and countries around the world have increased their research and utilization of renewable energy development. The use of solar energy for photovoltaic power generation has the characteristics of green, low-carbon, and sustainable, which has become one of the important choices for the development of global new energy.

With the continuous downward adjustment of global benchmark electricity prices for photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic technology developers are striving to find an economic model that enables investment in photovoltaic projects to be widely used. Among them, the slewing drive and GPS control system can adjust the orientation of the solar panel according to the light conditions, reduce the angle between the component and the direct sunlight, and obtain more solar radiation, thereby effectively improving the power generation efficiency.

VK solar tracking system has the following product features:

  1. The installation is more convenient and the torsion resistance is better;
  2. Can quickly complete the control system debugging;
  3. Adopt long-distance and low-power wireless transmission technology;
  4. The slope adaptability is strong, and the north-south slope is up to 20%;
  5. Save cost;
  6. It fits the terrain and has a higher land utilization rate.

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