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Composition of Spur Teeth Slew Drive

Date:2021/08/26 News Click:73

The Spur teeth slew drive is composition of 6 parts.

1. slewing bearing
Slewing bearing generally adopts four-point contact ball type, which can bear axial, radial load and overturning moment at the same time, and has high speed. If the customer working conditions are special, such as overturning force, high impact, high vibration, according to the specific situation of the use of cross roller type slewing bearing or three row of roller type slewing bearing.

2.Gear of the slew drive
Gear are common on both ends of the bearing support design, does not depend on the speed reducer shaft or the motor shaft support, can independently rotating, two-terminal bracing design makes gear can withstand very high radial force, in the big impact load or large inertia when used under the condition of high reliability, to rely on the reducer shaft compared to support or motor shaft rotation gear, It can effectively reduce the damage of reducer shaft or motor shaft, reduce the failure rate, improve the reliability of equipment, reduce the maintenance cost.

3.Housing of slew drive
The housing material is made of ductile iron QT450-10, the carbon of QT450-10 is spherical graphite form.
After casting, normalizing treatment, plasticity and toughness are improved, can improve the comprehensive mechanical properties, with excellent castability, small processing deformation, high strength, wear resistance, stability and durability.

4. Adapter flange for slew drive
The adapter flange is a key component connecting the above and the next. Half of the function of the adapter flange is to fix the gear to the shell to ensure that the gear can rotate independently and stably. The other half of the function is to serve as the input of the gear type rotary drive and is responsible for connecting the user’s reducer or the output flange of the motor.

5.Support bearings of slew drive
The supporting bearing of spur gear rotary drive is the general bearing of supporting gear rotation. The selection of general bearings is based on the specific working conditions, according to the characteristics of all kinds of bearings and load, speed and other performance parameters for reasonable selection. Common bearing types are: angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings and so on.

6.Slew drive seal
Driven gear type rotary sealing used NBR oil resistant nitrile butadiene rubber seal, slewing bearing channel is seal, slewing bearing and the housing is sealed between, so we can ensure the lubrication part driven gear type rotary rotary is dustproof, waterproof, can effectively reduce the gear type rotary drive maintenance frequency, reduce the failure rate.



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