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Characteristics and Application of Worm Type Slewing Drive

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The slewing drive device is mainly composed of worm, slewing bearing, housing, motor etc, since the core component is slewing bearing, so it can bear axial force, radial force, and tilting moment at the same time. Compared with traditional rotary products, it has the characteristics of simple installation, easy maintenance, and saving installation space to a greater extent. Slewing drive can be basically divided into single worm drive slewing drive and double worm drive slewing drive. The product can be widely used in construction machinery and new energy fields such as heavy-duty flatbed trucks, container cranes, truck-mounted cranes, high-altitude operating vehicles, solar power generation systems, etc.
Three advantages of slewing drive
1) Modularization of single mechanism device
Due to the high integration of the rotary drive, the user does not have to purchase and process each part of the rotating device one by one, and to a certain extent, it also reduces the preparation procedures at the beginning of the product production, thereby greatly improving labor productivity
2) Safety performance
The worm gear drive has the characteristics of reverse self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only be driven by the worm, and the worm cannot be driven by the worm. This feature makes the rotary drive can be widely used in lifting, high-altitude operations and other equipment. While improving the scientific and technological content of the host, it also greatly improves the operating stability and safety factor of the host.
3)Simplify the design
Compared with the traditional gear transmission, the worm gear transmission can obtain a relatively large reduction ratio. In some cases, the reducer parts can be omitted for the main engine, thereby reducing the purchase cost for customers, and also greatly reducing the failure rate of the main engine


Application areas of slewing drives
The slewing drive can be applied to the main machine that does circular motion, such as crane turrets, rotating machinery, and other machines that perform circular work.It can be widely used in the field of construction machinery represented by aerial work vehicles and truck cranes, and in the field of new energy represented by solar power generation and wind power generation, as well as other fields such as automation, machine tool manufacturing, and aerospace communications. It can be said that, The market potential of this product is huge.
1) Beam transport vehicle field
Most of the core components of the slewing assembly of traditional beam trucks use traditional slewing bearing products. Compared with the new slewing drive device, since the slewing bearing does not have an outer shell, the corrosion resistance is not good, and it is driven by hydraulic cylinders. For the steering system of the tire, the rotation angle range of the tire is also greatly restricted. The use of a new type of slewing drive device as a slewing component not only improve the corrosion resistance of the component, but also increase the steering angle of each group of tires.
2) Aerial operating vehicle field
Generally, Aerial operating vehicles require the host to have a high safety factor. The high safety of the slewing drive (the self-locking of the worm gear) is an important factor for the majority of users to choose it as an aerial work platform accessory; on the other hand, the worm gear drive It has a large transmission speed ratio, so that while improving the safety factor of the main machine, it can also omit a set of worm gear reducer for the main machine, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the main machine
3) Solar power generation field
Solar power generation is an important application field of slewing drive. Solar power generation with slewing drive as a rotating component can accurately adjust the rotation and elevation angle of the host according to the different positions of the sun during the day, so that the solar panels are always in the most best receiving angle
4) Construction machinery claws field
The use of slewing drive as the claw of the rotating mechanism makes the design structure more concise, which is more conducive to use and maintenance. At the same time, the worm gear drive has a larger speed ratio, which greatly improves the positioning accuracy of the claws and other construction machinery accessories.


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