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Application of Slewing Drive in Solar Tracking System

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The slewing drive device has different models, and sizes. The Chinese market naming standards for models are based on the approximate raceway diameter of the slewing ring, in inches (1 inch = 25.4mm), divided into: SE3, SE7, SE9, SE12, SE14, SE17, SE21, SE25 and other specifications. “SE” stands for: the abbreviation of Slewing and Enclose.
In the solar power generation industry, slewing drives are generally equipped with DC planetary gear motors or AC gear motors. Large-scale power generation systems usually use AC gear motors; in construction machinery, hydraulic motors are mainly used as power drive systems.

In recent years, the rapid development of solar power generation industry has been widely used.

At present, there is no uniform standard for confirming the actual use of slewing drives in the solar industry, but most of them are based on the actual use area of solar panels to determine the selection.
The more generally recognized standard is the domestic model naming as an example: SE3 actual solar energy The usable area of the board: 3-5 m2, SE5 at 6-9 m2, SE7 at 10-17 m2, SE9 at 18-30 m2, SE12 at 31-45 m2, SE14 at 46-60 m2, SE17 at 61-95 m2 , SE21 at 96-120 m2, SE25 at 120-160 m2
Of course, this is not an absolute standard. It can be used as a reference.

The performance of the slewing drive device in the silicon crystal plate battery assembly can meet the requirements of users, and the tracking accuracy can be below 0.2;
but the application requirements in the spotlight tracking system are higher, and the general spotlight tracking power generation system requirements
If the progress is below 0.1 degrees, you can choose a precision rotary reducer. There is also a zero-backlash rotary reducer. The shape and installation dimensions have not changed, but the internal structure has changed a lot. It can reach zero clearance, but its output torque is reduced a lot.

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